Preparing for the New European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - 10 Steps for Schools
This 10 steps guidance provides an insight into what to expect from GDPR, what the changes are and how to prepare. It was crafted specifically for the ISBA Annual Conference in Edinburgh May 2016 when the author, Paula Williamson spoke jointly with Victoria Cetinkaya from the ICO to an audience of independent schools. It is designed to be to be read "hand in hand" with the ICO's Guidance to preparing for the GDPR - 12 Steps document.
Using Pupil Biometrics Lawfully: The New Order
So how important, exactly, is Data Protection training? Carol Hufton explains:
Carol Hufton,data protection trainer to the Information Commissioner’s staff and consultant with The Information Law Practice explains why failing to train staff in data protection is not an option.
Freedom of Information is not the only way to access information about local authority expenditure
Freedom of Information is not the only way to access information relating to how local authorities are spending public monies. Such information may sometimes also be accessed under the Audit Commission Act 1998.  
Anya Proops, Information Law barrister at 11 KBW looks at 2 important recent judgements on accessing local authority information.
Focus on FOISA:
“Our man in Scotland” Allan Graham, examines the ever present tension between freedom of information and data protection following a recent decision by the Scottish Information Commissioner.
The Freedom of Information Code of Practice on Records Management has been revised. [ December 2009]
Philip Jones, international authority in records management gives an overview of the changes.
Data Protection and Freedom of Information for Schools: Essential Legal Briefing 18 March 2015
The highly successful Data Protection and Freedom of Information Legal Briefings programme is coming to Berkshire. Presented by Paula Williamson, an Information Law solicitor who also legally advises schools.  
Convenient half day sessions: Choose Part 1a (Data Protection) or Part 1b (Freedom of Information) or both Parts 1a and 1b. The venue is Shaw House, Newbury and is conveniently located with free car parking.  
We cover the basics such as data security and how to handle requests for information but now also BYOD, Cloud Computing, Pupil Biometrics, Social Networking and the proposed changes to UK data protection law.  
Discounts available if you book both Parts 1a and 1b.