The Information Law Practice (ILP) is a niche legal practice dedicated to helping your organisation navigate the information law regulatory maze. We aim to deliver “no nonsense” clear legal advice and training specifically in the field of information management and data protection and their related areas. By specialising in this way, we can deliver practical and focussed legal advice at cost effective rates. Click here to find out more about our solicitors and consultants.

Like all other law firms, ILP is regulated by The Law Society.  However, unlike most other law firms, ILP is a virtual law firm. We choose not to have premises because we know that we can deliver our services just as effectively without them and pass on the savings to our clients. Most of our work is done either online or over the telephone – infact in any way that is most convenient to you. However, we also understand that sometimes only a face to face meeting will do, in which case, we can visit you or meet at our affiliated solicitors offices in central Birmingham.  However you choose to communicate with us, you are sure to benefit from the way we break the mould of the traditional law firm.
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Our Clients
We work with clients within both the public and private sector. We help new business start up’s to large companies, local authorities, schools and colleges and health providers. Because we understand that the public and private sector each face unique challenges, our team of associates is drawn from both the public and private sector.
Our Services
We advice and train in data protection, freedom of information (including both English and Scottish jurisdictions), records management (including electronic document records management) and data security. We can also help ensure that your website, e-business and marketing all comply with the law relating to information. Click here for more details of our Services

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Getting Data Protection right is Great for business.
ILP understands that “getting it right first time” is of paramount importance to your business reputation. At the same time we also know that data protection can be a headache and it certainly isn’t at the top of your list. However, seemingly small issues of non-compliance can lead to customer complaints, intervention by the relevant regulatory body and even criminal proceedings. In any event, non-compliance attracts unwanted attention to your operations. The message? Ignoring data protection is no longer an option.  Click here for free guidance on data protection and related issues.